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The Ultimate Marriage

(Christian Marriage Preparation Course)

Preparing Christian couples for marriage

What are the ingredients for building a strong Christian marriage?  How do couples get started?  How can churches best support these couples?

Giving time to help Christian couples build strong foundations, in preparation for their life together with God, is one of the greatest investments a church can commit to.  The Ultimate Marriage provides a course framework to help pastoral leaders support and equip engaged couples.

What is The Ultimate Marriage?

The Ultimate Marriage is an eight-session marriage preparation course that challenges couples to put God at the centre of their marriage.  It helps Christian couples communicate about their relationship, encouraging authenticity prior to entering the covenant of marriage.  The course isn’t a ‘how-to’ list for marriage; instead it enables couples to go deeper into building the foundations of their unique marriage, whilst placing God at the centre from the very beginning.

This course asks challenging questions over a range of subjects, exposing assumptions and bringing scripture references as a framework to build upon.  At the same time, it provides leaders with a tool that is easy to lead and helps them effectively disciple any Christian couple looking to go on a journey with God.

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What’s in the course?

The eight sessions are:

  1. Building a unique marriage
  2. Roles, support and personality
  3. Prayer and scripture
  4. Communication and forgiveness
  5. Commitments
  6. Children, family and friends
  7. Sex
  8. Moving forward

Who should lead this course?

The Ultimate Marriage is an easy to use resource, with no preparation required for course leaders.  It is designed to be used by a pastoral couple taking the engaged couple through each session (ideally one session per week).

What is required to run the course?

For a typical course hosted by a leading couple for an engaged couple, you will need The Ultimate Marriage Starter Pack, comprising:

  • Workbooks x 3  (one for the leading couple, two (1 each) for the engaged couple).
  • Leaders’ Instructions x 1

Workbooks and Leaders’ Instructions can also be purchased separately and there is a Church Pack available.  For larger orders, please contact us for best prices.

The Ultimate Marriage helped us get to know each other on another scale. Every time we did a session we felt a deeper connection together and with God. Each session was so relevant for our marriage to be successful. I’m so happy we did this and took marriage seriously, getting a vital headstart. There has clearly been a huge amount of thought and prayer put into the course. We are so grateful to God for putting this course into our paths and would most definitely recommend it to anyone that’s serious about their marriage.”

Dan & Yaz Bennett