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CHAT Discipleship

(Discipleship Tool)

Taking the first step

Discipling others is a huge privilege, but it can sometimes seem somewhat daunting to take on such responsibility, especially if you’ve never done it before.  You may question, “Will I get asked difficult things I can’t answer?  What if I get something wrong or give bad advice?  How will I know what to say?”

These are normal questions to ask and often they’re enough to stop someone getting started.  However, there is much to be gained by both people in a discipleship relationship and in many cases it is just a matter of taking that first plunge that allows you then to grow in confidence.  CHAT Discipleship provides an adaptable framework to get you started with ease.

What is CHAT Discipleship?

CHAT is a handy resource that takes the mystery out of discipleship, acting as a tool to build accountability and challenge maturity.  The resource helps create a healthy environment that is relationally-driven, asking challenging questions that encourage and spur one another on to grow in faith.

CHAT How-To Guide

The CHAT How-To Guide outlines principles for discipleship, provides accountability questions and shares practical tools to equip you in discipling others. Designed to be used alongside the CHAT Notebooks, it is a handy guide you can refer back to time and time again.

Add to this the fact that most people will be able to read it in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, you will likely feel inspired to get going, knowing you have a framework to help you and God to strengthen you.

CHAT Notebook

The CHAT Notebook provides a journal aid for accountability.  It has been designed to last for one year (if meeting every fortnight).  To get the most out of CHAT, each person will need a CHAT Notebook.

Each CHAT Notebook includes exercises, areas for evaluation and journal pages for notes and challenges, alongside encouraging Bible verses.

Who can use the CHAT Discipleship tool?

CHAT Discipleship can be used for:

  • One-to-one discipleship
  • Group discipleship
  • Peer-to-peer discipleship

It is non-prescriptive, which means it can be used in whatever way is applicable for the people involved.

For one-to-one discipleship, you can get started with a CHAT Discipleship Pack, comprising:

  • 2 x Notebook
  • 1 x How-To Guide

Notebooks and How-To Guides can also be purchased separately and there is a Church Pack available.  For larger orders, please contact us for best prices.